"Seeker" by Fleur Ferri

                       THE WAY

Think deeply">
"Seeker" by Fleur Ferri

                       THE WAY

Think deeply, Seeker, lifting thought above
This trammelled Earth, to find the source of Love;
Love of Mankind - love for the world, and more -
Not that self-centred love you knew before.

Call, if you must, for help to find the way
And then be still, and if you need to, pray.
It will take time, but time is yours to spend
In treading that bright path if, at its end,
Is joy unending. Take your time and wait.
Think deeply, heart, and as you meditate
On all that love means, do not count the cost
Or deem this patient time of waiting lost.

See clearly, Seeker. Set the self aside:
Cast off the time of selfishness and pride.
There are so many signposts on the way -
Lift up your eyes, and seek them, day by day.

Be grateful, Seeker, that your ear has caught
The secret echo of the Truth you sought.
'Tis not the privilege of every man
So soon to sense the meaning of the Plan.
Go joyfully along your chosen way.
Gladly and confidently greet each new day
As one more opportunity to give
Of what you know and what you are. So live
That nothing man can do will change your mind,
Remember, brothers: he who seeks shall find!

Mary Crossberg"Seeker" by Fleur Ferri