Selective Links to other groups and organisations ...

Selective Links to other groups and organisations ...

New Group of World Servers

The purpose of their page is to provide a space on the World Wide Web for the listing of all identifiable groups of the New Group of World Servers.

These groups are not bounded by any of the usual frames one might expect to enclose a group - such as race, political affiliation, religious preference or occupation. People ... are to be found literally everywhere on the planet, involved in every aspect of planetary life. The service rendered by individuals and groups of this kind of consciousness is practical, inclusive, and lovingly motivated.


This site is dedicated to:
The Return of the Christ, as taken from the 24 books by AliceA. Bailey.

Topics covered include:
World Saviours, Signs of His return, Why He is coming, When He will return, How He will Reappear, What He will be like, The Spiritual Hierarchy, Masters of the Wisdom and the Great White Brotherhood, How to help in preparing the way, Meditation and the Great Invocation, The New World Religion, and so on.

Auckland Goodwill
Unit of Service

Their Aims and Objectives: To aid and promote the establishment of right human relations, nationally and internationally by the use of the energy of goodwill.

To assist people in studying world problems and their solutions through the application of the principles of goodwill, co-operation and sharing for the common good....

To co-operate in the work of preparation for the Reappearance of the Christ through the establishing of goodwill as the keynote of the new civilisation.

Triangles of Light Newsletter This unit of service supports the work of Triangles and World Goodwill with emphasis on the esoteric teachings of Alice Bailey and the use of the world prayer, the Great Invocation, as the way to establish right human relations and goodwill in the world.

The newsletter holds a vision of the Plan for humanity, working out in group formation to co-operatively serve that Plan. Triangles of Light Newsletter reaches out to fellow servers in the world to support our mutual goals of right human relations and goodwill.

Swedish Information Centre
for World Goodwill
and Triangles

(in English or Swedish)

Triangles achieves its objectives by linking men and women of goodwill in a spiritual world service that transcends all barriers of race, creed, class, economic and political conviction. Triangles create a worldwide network of light and goodwill for the distribution of spiritual energies and provide a means of practical co-operation and intercommunication among men and women of goodwill.
More to come ...

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