Intuition and the Power of Words 

Intuition is one of the most maligned words of today!

I wish to remind you that words have power and quality and form (the three aspects of the Logos)">

  Intuition and the Power of Words 

Intuition is one of the most maligned words of today!

I wish to remind you that words have power and quality and form (the three aspects of the Logos), for all that is expresses His threefold nature. Power is the first aspect, as you well know. The second aspect, quality, is consciousness or the soul influence. The third aspect, form, is the activity and the intelligence which manifest in the life and shape of the atom (inchoate as that may be), or in the embryonic response of the plant to its surroundings, producing perfume and colour as the means of perpetuating itself. It is this intelligence which preserves the evolutionary processes through instinct - self-protective and self- procreative. And it is also the intelligence found in man whose brain has designed vast cities, computers and space craft.

Intelligence and form also surround every word pronounced: hence, each time you use words for your own satisfaction or benefit, you turn that energy upon yourself, creating a prison from which you must one day extricate yourself. And those words must be released too from their limiting captivity in which you placed them. This is why thought control is absolutely necessary - in order to maintain your own liberty from the form-creating sounds which you are wielding when you use words.

Intuition is a word that has generated glamour in which many are trapped today: therefore I seek to release you from this glamour and I seek to raise the word to its correct meaning.

Intuition is not that which relates to anybody or anything other than yourself. Intuition means an ability to see - to be able to look into (the self). Psychic feelings and hunches about other people or conditions belong entirely to the astral nature and not to the intuition at all - therefore it is unreliable as a faculty, for the astral world is unstable.

Intuition concerns the antahkarana - that golden thread of light which relates the mind to the soul and ultimately to the Monad. This is the rising Path which leads man back to the Source. It finds its way along the life-giving thread which has existed from the inception of the incarnating man, the slenderest membrane from the Monad (the Life principle) through the Soul (the mediating principle) to the form in the three worlds (the threefold personality - i.e. mental, emotional and physical). This initiating Life-thread is known in the East as Sutratma.

This rising Path is the result of dedication, effort and service. It is inherent in every man, ultimately connecting him with the Consciousness of the Master’s Ashram and, finally, through the fourth initiation, forming a "rainbow bridge" between the personality and the Monad. This is the antahkarana - and until it has reached the buddhic plane at least - the plane of Love, Wisdom and Pure Reason - no intuitive faculty can be expected.

To avoid glamour anent the buddhic plane, let me hasten to assure you that this plane is not reached unless and until the personality has been brought under control and is being utilised entirely, impersonally and within a group in service of humanity to the exclusion of all personal activities, no matter what those activities may be. And this connotes discipline, sacrifice and total surrender of the self to service. It connotes a constant and ceaseless application of the threefold, integrated, dedicated personality to this service of humanity which conforms to Ashramic Consciousness. And that, brothers of mine, is the secret of the "as if" attitude in the dedicated consciousness which identifies with Hierarchical intention working out in love and service on the buddhic plane - the plane of pure reason - which, I reiterate, is intuition. Therefore, you will begin to understand that intuition is not a vague, amorphous fancy but is always entirely justifiable because it is based in the "Law of the Second Principle" which governs this manvantara.

Hence, you will see that intuition is hardly likely to be commonly experienced!

Do not bandy words. Realise that words and language should be treated with reverence just as you treat all life with reverence, thus refusing to pronounce certain words of coarseness or evil.

Do the magic sounds of a flute, a nightingale or a sparkling fount of water create images in the minds of those who listen enraptured? Yet have not these same words conjured a like magic in your mind as you read them? Therefore, are not the words themselves conveyors of power, consciousness and form? Ponder on this illuminating fact.

Intuition is stimulated by the study of esoteric writings and, also - particularly - through meditation: for meditation and study raise the consciousness onto that bridge, leading the searcher of truth "from darkness into light". But I ask you to hold ever in mind that "faith without works is dead".* Apply yourselves in service and study so that intuition will not mean to you, falsely, criticism of others in thinking that you know their faults but, instead, a sensitivity to their consciousness, their inner strength and to the God within each man. Let your intuition give you this deeper, purer understanding, and this understanding will lead you to love, aid and serve with inclusiveness and acceptance. These are my words to you. Study them with care and may you be inspired to arise and go to the Father on that radiant rainbow bridge which is the antahkarana.

*(James 2:20)

Separator line ... Relationships follows ...



You stand upon the threshold of a glorious period in human history, and all of you who are aware of this should realise with relevant reverence and joy the opportunity and challenge which this presents to you: if you align your fate and service to that of the New Group of World Servers, ready to sacrifice and love with joy and inclusiveness, you will range yourselves with all who are today waiting attentive upon the great Avatar of Synthesis Who is galvanising all mediating groups with the Energy of Relationship; for this is the fundamental function of this Planet.

It is Relationship which identifies the evolutionary processes of this planet - relationship between sun and sun, star and star, solar system and solar system, planet and planet and between all planetary lives. There is naught but Relationship and on it rests right human relations for it is this, Relationship, which reflects the highest Purpose of our Logos as He responds to That Which Lies Beyond. It is Relationship which signifies Evolution, for it is by the Law of Invocation and Evocation that Logoic Purpose is unfolded, bringing about the fulfilment of the Plan through Relationship. It is Relationship which raises man from physical polarisation to ultimate identification with his soul; it is Relationship that links the centres in an interactive harmony which eventually expresses Monadic Life, bringing vision, realisation, revelation and, finally, identification with God.

It is Relationship which identifies the true server, the true visionary, the true white magician, the one to whom the true revelation has brought love, sacrifice, joy and inclusiveness - not as concepts or ideals, but as living realities and active participation in all that exists: he knows that he is one with the birds and beasts of the animal kingdom and loves the wild wolf baying on the mountain; he is one with the mountain and with the wind that whips its peaks; he is at one with the trees that grow in the shadow of its brooding majesty; he is one with the villagers and loves the people of all valleys and all nations, all creeds and all cultures; he is one with the devas who watch, the Guardians who wait and the Masters Who work; he knows himself to be one with all who stand in the radiant aura of the Avatar of Love and within the Life of the "One of awful Power Who meditates in His High Place" And so the fusion, unity and synthesis proceed from place to place, from stage to stage, from plane to plane and from kingdom to kingdom - the progressive and inspiring attainments which lead the evolving unit from aspiration to inspiration, from ignorance to initiation and from discipline to divinity - onwards and upwards, on a trail of ever widening beauty and glory to the Kingdom of God. And from there to realms beyond, drawing him ceaselessly from Ultimate to Ultimate along the thread of Relationship.