We speak of the brotherhood of Man - yet what of the fundamental brotherhood which underlies not only our relationships and social life, but the very fabric of existence, the Brotherhood of the whole planet Earth?
What of depletion and starvation and pollution? What of laboratory experiments on animals who depend on us for their protection and evolution? What of forests and the balance of soil?
The delicate balance of air, water and earth is being threatened, disoriented and violated, and our Earth stands impoverished through greed and selfishness, war and hatred, while millions die of starvation annually.




Love. compassion, sense of responsibility, willing sharing and sacrifice, and the cherishing of all life with reverence, with Earth guarded as holy ground and husbanded as the vineyard not only of man, but of beast and plant and for the blossoming of the spirit too.

We have been part of a wondrous unfoldment in the aeons that lie in the dark night of Time which produced man, which turned carbon into the diamond and the ooze into the rose, and has given us the cyclic glory of Spring and the Seasons throughout the history of Time.

Let us remember that we have only one Earth - a jewel floating in space - and let us treat it with reverence and care, restoring and perpetuating our heritage and creation in all the kingdoms of Nature . . .


*On the twentieth anniversary of the first landing on the moon, physician and biologist Dr Lewis Thomas in his statements, made the following reverent comment (featured in the N.Y.Times 15 July '89):

"There, before our eyes, causing a quick drawing in of breath the instant it appeared on television screens everywhere, was that photograph of the Earth.

""Suspended just above the moon's horizon, light and round and shimmering like a bubble, deep blue with pure white clouds scattered across its face, it was the loveliest object human beings had ever looked upon: home. Moreover, as anyone could plainly see in the photograph, it was alive. That astonishing and round thing, hanging there all alone . . . was a living thing, a being! That photograph, all by itself, was the single most important event in the whole technical episode, and it hangs in the mind 20 years later, still exploding in meaning... This is the 'Gaia hypothesis', the new idea that the earth itself is still alive."

This is the 'Gaia hypothesis', the new idea that the earth itself is still alive."

(Quoted from "HPB" by Sylvia Cranston p.456)