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The creative people of the world are the treasures of humanity - artists in any field of life. They are the composers">

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The creative people of the world are the treasures of humanity - artists in any field of life. They are the composers, the painters, the sculptors, authors, playwrights, choreographers and, to a lesser degree, those who present the works of the creators: these are the people who are fostering God’s Plan on Earth. They are the ones who are building and moulding the details of the glorious Creation of beauty that represents our world in all its drama and detail. And you have only to study the substrata of the planetary kingdoms to be awed by the magnificence and perfect detail that substructures every living being and every creature and every manifesting aspect of God’s awe-inspiring vision. You have only to extend your awareness to the consummate perfection comprising the intricate mechanism of the world and the mechanics of every existing living thing, to be aware of the intense drama of life pulsing in every aspect and in every area of man’s expression and experience on earth.

The creative artists expand man’s awareness by presenting to the world their views and visions as they extend their minds into all this vast and varied cornucopia created in God’s Mind. They are the revealers of Truth, of Beauty and of the glory of the Plan. They are the beloved of the Lord of the World, and they are His children reflecting His intention, which is the unfolding of Purpose. And of these, the musician is the most valued as his sensitivity reveals to him the beauty and the power of vibration which he wisely selects and combines, transferring his vision into musical patterns of love, thought, inspiration, sorrow, joy: he weaves his inspiration through his music and evokes responses which cultivate - or can cultivate - new awakenings in the heart and mind of the listener.

Music has power, my brothers, for good or for destruction, because it can evoke any aspect of man’s nature if composed in the right key with the right structure of notes: this holds both danger and opportunity. The time will come when music will constitute man’s healing power and man’s assistance in every area of his life - and his death, sweetly leading man from one phase of living experience into the next. It will be the musicians who will reveal the Plan in its many aspects; and it will be music that will raise humanity ultimately to that plane whereon the soul can be contacted. Creators of music - artists composing, arranging, orchestrating and performing - are all reflecting and symbolising the glory of God’s creation through Sound: but of all these, the composer is the nearest representative of the creative inspiration of the Logos as He composed and is still composing and orchestrating His Grand Symphony.

However, not all music can be related to God’s intended vibratory patterns for man’s evolution. Just as there is a creative power and a destructive force, so does music harness this positive or negative aspect in its structure. It is dependent of course, upon the composer, his state of mind, his spiritual or selfish orientation, his stage of evolution, his vision and his intention: intention is a vital aspect of creation, and I have those of you who are artists in any field, to consider this point most carefully ere releasing your work into the world. You have a function, and that is to aid the work of the Masters, to stimulate evolutionary patterns and to raise the intention of men through inspiration. This is not done by the ugly, self-releasing "works of art" (so-called) that are perverting men’s sensitivities, nor through the cacophonous, ear-splitting sounds that are inflicted on the atmosphere and which impinge upon the consciousness of men and of the subhuman kingdoms, destroying the subtleties of inspiration and aspiration, whether they are aware of it or not. The sound which will ultimately permeate and penetrate the air currents, the kingdoms of nature and the very deeps of the earth, will be the glorious vibrations that emerge from man’s awakened soul, and these sound waves will then envelop the earth and infiltrate the consciousness of all that exists. Then, my brothers, you will see the first faint glimmerings of the Vision which Sanat Kumara holds in steady, ceaseless meditation for humanity. Humanity will be inspired by the wealth of limitless beauty and munificence that is and will be available to all men. Then will true peace reign - a peace that will bring joy to the hearts of men, wealth to all nations and new life to the subhuman kingdoms as the doors open for them to transit at last to a new kingdom.

Let music be a means of awakening in the hearts of men this new inspiration of a New World: let disciples use music more freely but selectively, thus irradiating their own consciousness with the vibratory power that will flow forth through them as a harmony of joy.

I suggest that consistent high volume of music should be reduced. I point out that music played is generally too loud and incessant. It is at all times necessary to be discriminating and moderate. The effects of this excess creates an over-stimulation which clogs the aura. Too great an absorption of anything creates a blockage: this restricts the effective flow and harmony of the purpose of music and affects by the power of its vibration all other areas of the daily life.

Be selective, brother of old. Lack of selectivity in music reflects into other areas of the daily life. Be selective not only with music but in your daily affairs. Time and energy and speech and objects and activity all respond to the kind of music to which you are listening on a regular basis. This can put your life in disarray:

Be selective in listening: there is a richness of peace in silence when the sounds of the spheres can be contacted - whether you are conscious of it or not: you raise your mind in inspiration, you call forth those sounds which ceaselessly permeate the earth’s sphere with the glory of music that cannot be conceived on physical planes, and which has no correspondence in the music created by instruments of men. Do you know that on the inner side musicians, artists and creative people of all kinds are refining their talents, expressing their creative faculties and bringing to the world of vibration the beauty of their expression and impressing and influencing the musicians and artists on the outer planes of life? The Masters (notably Master KH) send music into the world that would be to your ears the sweetest, noblest, undreamt of sounds and images created and radiated by Sanat Kumara in His glory of Peace. Though you hear not these sounds audibly or in detail, you can touch those spheres in the depth of inner silence unbroken by outer worldly interference. I do not mean that you should not also listen to music or appreciate and absorb the beauty of visual arts: I suggest only that you select that which has a reaction of upliftment, joy and peace; and that sound should be carefully monitored in your daily lives. All aspects of daily living should, for a disciple, be wisely and discriminately disciplined. You yourselves will know from your own reaction on hearing any opus whether you are sensing peace and upliftment, or whether you are being drawn into a feeling of sorrow or depression. Avoid these negative responses; avoid these particular pieces of music. Avoid music that is blaring or monotonous or contains a constant beat. Avoid the music that is enjoyed by the simpler races, for they are not ready for greater subtleties which the Aryan race has developed: the auras of the lower races are still too undeveloped and unrefined for the finer vibrations to penetrate. They need the strong beat which will help to awaken their perception to the beauty of music, and which will break down the barriers of coarse matter surrounding their auras, speaking symbolically but also factually.

Disciples need to realise that they have developed certain fragilities which are not perceived by those on the lower planes: to the Masters, disciples’ minds are still protected by ancient veils which screen excess revelations that evoke pressures of the higher worlds onto their shoulders, as translated from ancient Commentary, indicating to you the danger of too great and too early an awakening to symbolic and spiritual experience that must unfold naturally and in harmonious order. By the same token, the young races are protected by the very density of their auras, so that they can fulfil the many incarnations ahead of them ere they are ready for the subtleties constituting normal living experience of disciples. Hence the drum beat under-girding music of the black races as they prepare to establish a simple and basic rhythm to awaken the lower centre to its highest harmony, thereby preparing the dim flickering of the candle in the darkness of the tomb for the new light to enter and illumine the cave: this statement from the ancient stanzas will readily find a response with your intelligent interpretation.

* * * * * * *

This brings me to your creative faculty which, as I have before commented, is one of the aspects of the work of salvage, of renovation, of restitution and of revelation. Through art, brother of mine, as through all dedicated creative service, whether it be in the field of art or science or politics or education, humanity is being uplifted and inspired. Living is made easier and more beautiful. But the sacrifice of the proponents of art and other fields is the way to this saving power. And it does require sacrifice; it requires effort and self-effacement and expansion through study and humility. I ask you to consider most carefully if you are right in assuming that you need not apply yourself further than that which will produce satisfactory results. I ask you to be more dedicated to the refinement of your artistic capacity and to realise that perfection is always the aim and the goal, regardless of achievement and satisfaction. It is just such an artist applying total self-effacement in achieving perfection and expansion, that the Lord of the World gains His creative expression on earth. I remind all creative workers to have this ever in mind and to treat their vocations with due reverence. This will raise their lives into an area of spiritual protection and expansion. It works on the same principle as tithing with love - holding it in the light evokes that which is thus held, extending and proliferating its beauty, fulfilment and expansion.

* * * * * *

You see a world in turmoil: disaster, destruction and distress rule the day; greed and wantonness dominate the personal lives of successful people; disregard for all that pertains to the beauty that represents God demonstrates in every area of the Creative Arts; the accumulation and selfish grasping by individuals of wealth which is almost beyond computation; the tragedy and deprivation sweeping across some Third World countries; the devastation of cities by warring people; and death and despair as a result of the system of terrorism which has gained a foothold in the world and which needs to be eradicated by the most strenuous and uncompromising means if humanity is to be protected from this evil and unlawful system.

You see, also, the Spring of the world; the burgeoning of new life as new growth emerges among the debris of destruction; you see a new humanity budding in the hearts of men and the spreading of light and warmth by the aspirants and the disciples of the Good, the True and the Beautiful. You are seeing the evolutionary process of Life - the awakening of the spirit of love in the heart of the world. And this, my brothers, is naught but the first aspect assuming its inchoate dawning in a New World.

Today, man is probing ever new areas of discovery and is working with undreamt of increasingly advanced principles of computerisation; he has created the "synthesizer", which produces orchestra-like music and the sounds of a variety of musical instruments on the keys of a single instrument. (I predicted some decades ago that this totally new and different musical instrument would be created which was then beyond your capacity to envision). Man has probed the heavens, occultly, literally and instrumentally; and has gained knowledge of the intricacies of the planet and all that is in it.

Man has discovered that a plant responds to stimuli of a most sensitive nature; that the brain of a snail is a miniature replica of man’s brain; that the anatomical structure of animals and of men comprise details more magnificent than man’s mind is capable of fully cognising, and multitudes of other remarkable results from his scientific research. He has performed arts of body and mind with a prowess that is as distant from early man’s capacity as that of the ant’s would be from a chimpanzee.

Men have made ranges of medical diagnoses and treatments and achieved feats of operations - and they are oft regarded as little less than magicians. They have built structures, created works of art, refined instruments of battle and machines of flight; they have established international relationships by the most sophisticated means of travel by air, land, sea and under-sea routes and vehicles. Yet, despite his advanced abilities and achievements, he has also learned that he is using a mere percentage of his potential.

* * * * * *

Beauty is the basis of Logoic expression. If you view the world with detachment, you will see that all that is holy is represented by perfection. The art of today has broken away from that perfection and beauty, for artists are afraid of appearing monotonous and uniform by producing work which they consider humdrum and which says nothing new or different. The artist of today searches for an expression which will make him renowned and successful. In the next century artists will be producing works of sheer exquisite delicacy and detail that will rival the beauty of the Milan Cathedral or a perfect flower and the most beautiful jewels on earth. But it will take courage to break away from the present trend - and who, my brothers, has the courage at this time to produce works of aesthetic integrity? The art world is controlled by an institution which governs the attitude and output of artists in every field of art.

* * * * * *

Today, my friends and brothers in service, we have a world saturated with every kind of depravity, destruction and despair. Countries are immersed in war, desecration and iconoclasm. People are falling prey to cruelty, killing and untold suffering. The masses are caught in a symbolic cross-fire of a global attack on principles, standards and dignity. And, today, the visual and electronic network media are infiltrated with the utmost violence and pornographic material that is corrupting truth and destroying the innocence of children. This is now permeating the world and reaching humanity on a vast scale.

The Masters are kept active in counteracting the dangers of this convergence of the dark forces which threaten to break down the fragile resistance in human evolution. We, unfortunately, have limitations to that with which we are entitled to interfere. We are therefore dependent upon the New Group of World Servers and all groups working with New Age principles who are concerned for the evolution of humanity and the kingdoms of nature to counter this influx of dangerous conditions.

So many of these groups, however, are still operating in the miasmas of the astral plane. Their emotional response impedes the true work of "clearing the clouds from the watery plane," as the Ancient Commentary signifies the essential work for disciples, and hampers the work of disciples by illumining the mists with their convoluted ideas, visions and dreams. Their reverence of all that is temporal and their lack of recognition of hard truths seriously interfere with the work which the Masters and Their true disciples are striving to accomplish.

That work is the clearing of glamour and the impressing on the minds of men all that is good and true and beautiful. Today we see a world caught in a mesh of ugliness, cruelty, suffering, sex and depravity. These are creeping into every area of man’s daily living and culture: into art, education, commerce, politics, the money market, the sciences, sports. Today there is no area free from some form of corruption.

Why do I spell all this out? It is right and necessary for disciples to be aware of facts. Awareness is the growth of consciousness - which is the disciple’s purpose in life. There is always a reason for extending knowledge. Knowledge feeds awareness. At this time I bring these facts to your consciousness so that you will face the conditions with honesty and with apprehension of the desperate need for the work of disciples whose aid, and the aid of all who are vaguely contributory to right thinking, the Masters seek.

The salient point I am making is Right Thinking. This right thinking must be impressed on humanity in meditation and in relationships. Hence the reason for the time I give to direct your thinking, and to point out weaknesses in each and any one of you who may be impressing your opinions on the group thought form. I say impressing, because you have not only been trained as thinkers, but you are identified with the group and with its thought pattern. It is impossible for you not to affect - or infect - the group with your personal problems and general criticisms.

* * * * * *

Quoted from articles entitled "ART AND ITS INFLUENCE THROUGH DISCIPLES"