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Our aim is to inspire service and unity.

Our work is to print and distribute inspirational literature world wide.

Our concern is for the environment and the sub-human kingdoms - animals, plants and the earth.

Our love is for humanity.

Our hope is to contribute to world goodwill and right human relations - between nations, religions and races.

Our prayer is for peace in our world.

World Unity and Service Trust is a registered non-profit association.


World Unity and Service has now been working effectively at "the Centre" since 1972 as an extension of service and meditation many years before. There has been no cessation of commitment and application of the Laws and Principles pertaining to Service. As students of the writings of the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul, we have studied the prolific writings of Alice A Bailey, which are now distributed worldwide in many languages. We realise that all servers are human and we believe this is unimportant in the totality of service, commitment and intention by all those groups and individuals who apply themselves to humanitarian service on inner and outer planes.

These books have provided us with various systems of service which relate entirely to meditation and the Laws and Principles for the New Age. We believe that the hundreds - perhaps thousands of groups - who are committed to service of humanity with intelligent application will unfailingly be aided, impressed and utilised as outposts of the Master's Mind. This is a sine qua non. The Masters (and, in particular the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul, Who has made public the purpose of group work in the West) are intent on and eager to rally disciples to intelligent, selfless group service in Their name. This is preparatory to the externalisation of the Hierarchy and the Reappearance of the Christ - about which so much has been expected and said. Glamour of separativeness may interpose and limit the effectiveness of a group, thus limiting its unique opportunity to participate in the radiance of this forthcoming Event - but his does not negate its service and usefulness within the New Group of World Servers.

We believe that the Master's aid and blessing are available to all servers of humanity. Did even Christ not say, "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them"? (Matt. 18:20) As long as a group applies the laws and principles of service, it will be "used" by the Masters for Their purpose to which the group's purpose is aligned. And such groups in the world are legion. We, too, in as far as we are able, "align our objectives with the Masters' objectives". In this respect, the most pertinent comment is made by the Tibetan:

"The Ashram, you must remember, is externalised only in as far as it provides a point of spiritual tension. From that Ashram, disciples go out to work in the world. The outer group, working in the world, or the exoteric Ashram, is externalised by reflecting the radiance of the inner Ashram and by establishing a magnetic field of spiritual power. This is done just in so far as the members of the Ashram who are found on its outer periphery relate themselves to the inner Ashram and therefore react to the note and quality of the inner group, gathered around the Master.

"An Ashram is not a group of people seeking realisation. It is a centre of group activity, swept by energies which (when given full and proper sway) enable the group to carry out the Master's plan and meet human need. You may wonder perhaps why I so constantly emphasise this need. I do it because that need is the means and urgent principle of Invocation; it can and will evoke Hierarchical response and thus put two centres - that of Humanity and Hierarchy - en rapport. This is a group correspondence to the invocation of the soul by the personality and its subsequent evocation upon the plane of every day living, thus leading to a consequent fusion. An Ashram or Master's group is, therefore, a centre of invocation...." (‘Discipleship in the New Age’ by Alice A. Bailey, Vol. I, p.747)

We press forward committing ourselves as closely as possible to the Laws and Principles given by the Tibetan Master (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol II p.237)

The Master said (at the end of DINA I):

"In the new cycle ... the fact of the Hierarchy and the work of the Masters - through Their disciples - must and will be brought to public attention. Disciples everywhere will present increasingly the hierarchical plan of brotherhood, spiritual living and inclusiveness to the world; this will be done not in terms (so prevalent among the foolish) of 'The Master has chosen me,' or 'the Master stands behind my effort' or 'I am the representative of the Hierarchy' but by a life of service, by indicating that the Masters exist and are known to many men everywhere; that the Plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progress towards an intelligent spiritual goal; that humanity is not alone but that the Hierarchy stands; that Christ is with His people; that the world is full of disciples unrecognised because silently working; that the New Group of World Servers exists; that the men and women of goodwill are everywhere; that the Masters are not the least interested in personalities but will use men and women of all attitudes, faiths, and nationalities, provided that love motivates them, that they are intelligent and have trained minds and that they have also magnetic and radiant influences which will attract people to truth and goodness but not to the individual - be he a Master or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyalties but are dedicated solely to the relief of distress and the promotion of the evolution of humanity and the indication of spiritual goals. They look not for recognition of their work or the praise of their contemporaries but only for the growth of the light within the world and the unfoldment of the human consciousness."

This is the aim of World Unity and Service, and each and every one of you reading this must identify with the quoted statement above if you wish to be of service to the Master's Ashram. We therefore appeal to those who read these words to apply the Laws and Principles governing this New Age of Spiritual Service in extension of the Masters' Ashramic Service, and to expand the work for humanity that He began and in which it has already achieved a not inconsiderable success.

To groups and individuals we say: have only one purpose in view - and always hold steady in this undertaking - to realise that when you serve humanity selflessly and with humility and sacrifice, you are outposts of the Masters' energies and the Christ's love for humanity which you serve and to which you must pledge yourselves intelligently and without glamour. All groups thus serving evoke the Master's energy, whether they are aware of it or not, for - by the Law of Invocation and Evocation - your right commitment and right dedication, right sacrifice and right detachment will, inevitably, evoke the Master's support and guidance. In this respect, the Tibetan Master said of the group He rallied through Alice Bailey:

"It is a group formed to inaugurate the methods of the New Age as regards group work, and the training of disciples and their preparation for initiation, along with other groups all over the world who have caught the new vision and are working under the inspiration and the impression of the Masters... That you may one and all measure up to the opportunity and carry the work forward in the three worlds and in the kingdom where the light of the soul streams forth is my earnest wish and desire." (Discipleship in the New Age" Vol. I, p.17)

We therefore present on this Page principles and practical statements that offer no "pats on the back" and no rewards, other than the reward of discovery of the soul and the resultant "joy that cometh in the morning" through service and self-sacrifice and, above all - LOVE - for all beings and all kingdoms of nature.

Seek not the reward of encouragement from others, and one can never consider one’s group "beyond reproach" and NEVER think or speak criticism of other groups (one of the worst heresies, according to the Tibetan Master) nor assume that sense of uniqueness which abrogates the basic Law of Unity and the Principle of Unanimity. Let those groups who may fall prey to this glamour and who may read this take to heart this heresy and realise that Humanity is One; that Groups serving humanity are One within the New Group of World Servers, in which every group is needed on whatever level to fulfil its own particular purpose in its own particular area of service. The very worst failing in any group is criticism. Therefore, beware of this danger and realise that even those whom we may regard as violating our perceptions may be serving where and how they can, provided they are not violating Laws, Truths or Principles. Tolerance is one of the expectations of discipleship.

H.P. Blavatsky said, "Universal brotherhood rests upon the common soul. It is because there is one soul common to all men that brotherhood, or even common understanding, is possible. Bring men to rest on that, and they will be safe. There is a divine power in every man which is to rule his life, and which no one can influence for evil, not even the greatest magician. Let men bring their lives under its guidance, and they have nothing to fear from man or devil."

The Christ seeks His Reappearance: we need to make this known. Groups that are upholding this image (in whatever way they see fit and right) are impressing humanity with an image that will - by the Law of Invocation and Evocation - aid the Christ's Purpose. No group has the right to judge other groups: let us beware of this attitude which can only be considered pompous and self-righteous. The Principle of Humility is a basic need in all groups. Study with care your inner attitudes, and do not arrogate to yourself the right to condone or condemn groups, for their work is not your concern: yours is to serve, my brothers, so see you to it.

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